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I'm sitting here thinking "hmmm what is my my self care tool of choice right now?" And tbh I feel mine is also self preservation. I too am taking a break from socials after getting an uncomfortable wake up call from a guy friend who I really like, yet was sabotaging the relationship (whole other story) but I began to notice how much I was just aimlessly scrolling throughout the day, how unaligned I really was and not connected to God once I took a step back. My life was going to sh*t I was like that meme "everything's fine" while the whole room I'm sitting in is up in flames wheew Jesus. So yes, I'm uncomfortable right now no job, no money saved up. Hella uncomfortable. But yet it could be worse I still have faith that things will work out for the good. Bts I know they are right this second. And although I'm not on socials I'm still recording videos of myself talking about what I'm experiencing, thinking/feeling, and posting them on my YouTube channel. Just as you are still writing b/c that's what you love to do, and are damn good @ it. Right now feels like it's just about taking care of ourselves on a new different level of just taking a photo and captioning it "self care time". It's a shift taking place and I'm happy to know that you are doing what's best for you. God bless you Aley <3


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